Founder & Director: Tricie Hendrix

Tricie has extensive experience coordinating stage productions, and has been involved with every aspect from assistant director, to director, to the coordination and editing of music, lighting selection, props, marketing, and costume coordination.  Some of the production titles include:  Grace, Supernatural: My Natural His Super, In The Beginning, Shades of Blackness, There Is No Perfect Church, Presence Emergency, Touched, and When A House Ain’t A Home.  She has a commanding and convincing stage presence.  Stepping into character at the drop of a hat, her captive audience can range anywhere from a large scale congregation, to a stranger on the sidewalk. Gifted with a remarkable eye for intricate and creative detail, she is able to pull beauty from what had once appeared ordinary.  She is very musically inclined with an exceptional ear for the sound within the sound.  She can often be found playing the ‘air drums’ along with one of her favorite musical selections. 

While she is immensely passionate about every form of the Creative Arts, Dance is what she has been created to do.  She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and began professional dance training at the age of 8 years old.  Mrs. Hendrix has 25 years of choreography experience with ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and lyrical hip hop dance genres.  Her greatest joy is to breathe life into a piece through movement, and become one with God through the music.

“It is how I breathe,” she says, “I want to teach people how to breathe.  When you express yourself through your art, it’s like home.  There is a freedom, and a closeness to God, that you cannot experience any other way.  When you’re being the real you that God created you to be, then and only then, will you be able to breathe.  When you learn how to breathe, what is in you flows out.  That breath will be infectious to everyone who watches you.”

Her dream in creating a fine arts company is to bring out the True person of the artist and the audience.  So that we will be the most genuine us that we were created to be.  It will be Heaven on Earth.

“I want to display my craft with such elegance and purity, that once I’m done dancing/creating, you’re left feeling as though we have just had the most amazing conversation!” -Tricie Hendrix

Tricie Hendrix has been married since 1994, and is the proud mother of 2.  Mrs. Hendrix was born and raised in the DC Metropolitan area, and still currently resides in the area with her family.