Upward Academies

Cultivating and displaying the talents and gifts before Heaven and Earth until the return of CHRIST! 

The Upward Academies have been designed for those having a natural proclivity to the Creative Arts.  The purpose of the Academies is to facilitate extensive training for every artist.  Whereby, whether Visual, Performing Arts, or both, each creative artist will be trained to cultivate their gifts, bringing them to a place of maturity and pure genius.  The Academy purposes to expand the already GOD given talents and gifts in each individual artist. Bringing each artist into the awareness of the significance of these treasured talents allows for more in depth exploration of each facet.  The Academies will train every artist to adorn every stage leaving the audiences both exhilarated and captivated!  The Academy will pull Greatness coupled with Passion to the forefront, causing each artist to display their heart and leave it on the stage.

Dancing Upward Academy

D.U. Academy is offered for ages 5 – Adults.  The Academy offers extensive training in dance technique and language.  Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you will grow in skill, flexibility, confidence, and worship.  The Academy stresses the purpose and importance of a piece, and the passion behind the artist who dances the piece.  The Academy will teach each dancer to articulate effectively the vision and story in each presentation.  D.U. Academy will teach every dancer to make the connection causing the passion for dance, the passion for the message, and the passion for GOD, to be seen and felt through each dancer.  The Academy offers classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical Hip Hop, Tap and more.  The Academy will cause the dancer to create beautiful pictures of clean lines, moving revelations, and energetic and influential pieces.

Singing Upward

S.U. Academy is offered for ages 5 – Adults.  The Academy offers vocal training to assist each singer to become aware of and develop their individual range.  The Academy will teach proper scale and note recognition.  P.S.P. Vocal coaches will teach voice control; how to sing properly and effectively.  The Academy will increase every singer to grow in confidence of their GOD given abilities.  Each singer will be instructed to sing with the passion of the song, the passion of the message, and the passion of GOD.  Individual as well as group vocal coaching will be offered.  The Academy will cause the singer to effectively harmonize, producing extraordinary melodies that captivate the listener.

Acting Upward

A.U. Academy is offered for ages 5 – Adults.  The Academy offers coaching in drama versatility, causing each actor/actress to become skillful in method and character acting.  The actors/actresses will be taught how to effectively read for roles, as well as how to demonstrate Improv.  The actors/actresses will become proficient in projection and becoming the character.  Each actor/actress will be taught how to connect to the piece with raw genuine display of ownership, making every role authentic and believable.  The Academy will teach each actor/actress to cultivate the passion that lies deep within, displaying that passion for the art, the message, and for GOD The Creator.

Playing Upward

P.U. Academy is offered for ages 5 – Adults.  The Academy offers classes in music from piano, drums, wind, and stringed instruments.  The Academy will teach musicians to read music, and become more proficient in their natural inclination to music.  Each musician will grow in musicality and technical skill, causing the gift to be brought to another level of maturation.  The Academy will refine the ear of each musician causing them to hear the inner sounds of the spirit that complement each musical piece.  The musician will become one with other musicians bringing blended and harmonious sound.  The Academy will teach each musician to play through skill and passion, cultivating this deep passion for the love of music and GOD who gave the gift.

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Creating Upward (Illustration through painting and drawing)

Supporting Upward (Technical support i.e. videography, photography, audio, lights and editing)