Our Story

Purple September Productions (P.S.P.), along with its affiliated Upward Academies, is a Christian based fine arts performing company and training center founded by Tricie Hendrix.  It is made up of a diverse community of artists including but not limited to dancers, singers, actors, musicians and visual artists united together to share the gospel through creative expression.  Tricie has extensive experience coordinating stage productions, and has been involved with every aspect from assistant director, to director, to the coordination and editing of music, lighting selection, props, marketing, and costume coordination.  Her dream in creating a fine arts company is to bring out the True person of the artist and the audience.  So that we will be the most genuine us that we were created to be.  It will be Heaven on Earth.

There are two different aspects of Purple September Productions – the Upward Academies and a Performing Company:  

The Upward Academies have been designed for those having a natural proclivity to the Creative Arts.  The Academy offers semester classes where participants will be artistically and technically trained according to their craft with moral excellence and integrity.  With the purpose of expanding their already GOD given talents and gifts, each individual artist will be built skillfully as well as spiritually, connecting with the creative form through which they can best express The Creator.  

The Performing Company travels both domestically and internationally, carrying The Message of CHRIST through the arts.  The Company is a group of individuals, hand-selected by the director and lead staff, based upon skill, technique, and most importantly passion and relationship with Christ.  Company artists will blend seamlessly to convey messages of Hope, Faith, and LOVE!  The Company brings enthusiastic praise and heartfelt worship through sound and movement; painting vivid pictures of revelation and understanding.  Through illustrated sermons and stage productions the Company will thrill, excite, and inspire audiences everywhere.

The vision of Purple September Productions (P.S.P.) is to introduce people to GOD, who not only created them, but gave them the creative gifts on the inside of them.  We want to cause them to fall in love with the gifts on the inside of them, and ultimately the Gift Giver.  Our performance in every aspect of our art will flow passionately from the Deepest Reality of who we are and were created to be; taught to walk in the awareness of the Reality of how powerful such pure expression is.  From this place we will knit together each of the creative art forms to display a seamless blend; harmoniously marrying each art forms to conceptualize lyrical melodies.  The blended artistry of color, sound, movement, and expression creates a Symphony of Arts.  The gifts on the inside of every member will be able to be displayed in such a way, that not only will their lives be transformed, but everyone who sees them will also be transformed.  This Symphony of Arts will draw in the audience, allowing them to become one with the performance.  It will awaken the hearts of the people to see and hear from another perspective; a GOD centered perspective.

Code of Ethics

As a family of artists, we have come together on one accord to bring forth a reality that was before unseen.  Our objective is through color, sound, movement, and expression, we can bring into tangible understanding a previously intangible message.  From the place of deepest passion and purest expression we will create.  We will not allow our gifts to be contained but will flow in the unique expression, rhythm, and vision, as it has pleased The Creator to put within us.  We will recognize every form, and every person, as themselves being a unique and creative artwork, and will honor them as such.  We will not judge based on age, or difference of expression, but will cast down striving and contempt for one another.  We will make it our utmost goal to see the gift and art in each other, as we develop the bonds of Peace and Harmony.  We will endeavor to pull the hidden pearls from within our neighbor so that they may be fitly and rightly displayed.  In this manner, each individual will be given a shining place to be unveiled as the Treasures and Gifts that they are.  We will eradicate competition from within our minds and hearts, and will not give attention to selfish ambition.  It is our goal to not make a name for ourselves, but in every way lift up the Name of Jehovah which is above all names.  Recognizing that this is not a contest; we will therefore, take every opportunity to perfect and develop our own unique gifts of expression in order to demonstrate with excellence, and skillfully declare, the message that has been written within our hearts.  We will Trust ourselves to the leading and guiding of His Holy Spirit, and will trust and honor those who have been established to cultivate us in our gifts.  As we create out of the inspiration that is breathed in our hearts, we will submit to the vision of the company. Aspiring to grow and drive ever upwards from Glory to Glory, as we spread the Gospel; declaring and demonstrating through a Symphony of Arts, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  

“I want to display my craft with such elegance and purity, that once I’m done dancing/creating, you’re left feeling as though we have just had the most amazing conversation!”

-Tricie Hendrix

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